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Many different sorts of writing are relevant in Computer Science
* [[:Category:Talks|Talks]]
* [[:Category:Talks|Talks]]

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  • Talks
    • Talk Guidelines: Guidelines for what makes a good talk good.
    • Talk Examples: Examples of talks that illustrate either desirable or undesirable aspects of talks.
  • Demos
    • Demo Guidelines: Guidelines for how to give an effective software demo.
    • Demo Examples: Examples of demos that either went well or poorly, and discussion on how to give effective demos and handle when things go wrong.
  • Posters
    • Poster Guidelines: Guidelines for creating a poster that grabs attention and communicates your ideas effectively.
    • Poster Examples: Examples of various posters.
  • Papers
    • Paper Guidelines: Guidelines for how to create an effective research paper, and how to help it get accepted.
    • Paper Examples: Examples of research papers.